Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sauerkraut Sunday

Yes it's sauerkraut Sunday and two Sundays in a row I've been busily chopping up red cabbage and red onion.  For the initial ferment to get started, Lactobacillus needs an anaerobic environment.   Koreans used to bury their urns in the ground to keep the air out. I just employ these Fido jars with an air tight seal. Despite the warnings of mold forming if the vegetable are above the brine, I suffered no such troubles with a Fido seal.  

Don't try to jumpstart the sauerkraut with juice from the previous batches juice.  The bacteria that's active in the later stages of fermentation is NOT the lactobacillus which needs to get the fermentation started.

Last week's batch is chock full of bio activity and ready to eat although it's still on the slightly crunchy side. Sauerkraut is a living food and it's taste transforms daily.  

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